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The Brand

About Us

Vidhyanjali Ahinsa Sondarya started with a small setup at Bhopal with a focus on pure organic and handmade-finished products, promoting women employment. Till this present day, we have embarked our presence in 18 states pan India and internationally in the United States of America, Great Britain, and Australia.

Vidhyanjali Ahinsa Sondarya's skincare range, that is made with the age-old plant-based ancient Indian recipes, has become a vogue for being safe, effective, gentle and kind for every age group.

- 100% purity (we believe in raw and organic — directly from nature without any complex processing, etc. — to maintain the highest nutrient level)

- 100% free from harsh and cancer-causing chemicals like SLS, Parabens, Formaldehyde, Petroleum By-product like Mineral Oils, Heavy Metals like Lead, etc.

- 100% animal cruelty-free (products are not tested on animals)

- Free from animal derivatives, alcohol, and honey

- Highest quality natural ingredients

- Promotes eco-friendly, sustainable and nature-based living

- Handmade (hand-picked, hand milled, etc)

- Women empowerment is at the nucleus of core philosophy (so far more than 400 women are being occupied and benefited)

"Chemicals like common salt, borax, drug/food grade approved colors, lye (NaOH & KOH), food-grade preservatives, etc are used in some products"