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Our Vision/Philosophy

Vision Our lives are in a modernized time keeping us too busy and much dependent upon market-based packaged products. We unknowingly purchase and consume the products that are unsuitable for the health or they should not be consumed for some ethical or religious reasons. For instance, many market formulations contain animal derivatives, alcohol, harmful preservatives or other chemicals that may cause neurotoxicity, etc. that are not suitable for the people who are vegetarians, vegan or health conscious. Keeping pace is difficult when we lack the knowledge of scientific and chemical names of the ingredients used in the personal care industry.

"Vidhyanjali Ahinsa Soundarya is incepted to defy all your serious issues"

At Vidhyanjali we are committed to formulating the products that are free from any animal derivative and harmful chemicals. Best quality ingredients are used and high manufacturing standards are maintained with utmost transparency of the ingredients used even if it is less than 1% of the entire formulation which gets specified clearly on our product label.

Unlike any other personal care product manufacturer, we use the common name of the ingredients and not the chemical/scientific name so that the consumer knows what they are buying and capably takes the fully aware decision.